Weekly Timetable

I start school at 8:25, but I don’t get time to see all my classmates because I come to school by bus and it takes a long time to reach to school (because of traffic and students being late). Unlike other schools in Senegal, ISD uses a different kind of timetable. we basically┬ádo four periods a day. I’ve heard that in some of the other schools they have break fast in school, well we don’t

Before lunch, we have two periods and in between those periods there is a ten minute break. The first period takes eighty minutes. After that we have a ten minute break, and then we go to the second period of the day. For Middle school and high school is different. After the second period, on Mondays and Thursdays, we have advisory, while the middle school students have lunch. After advisory, we go to lunch and the middle school students go to advisory. Which is not fair because we only get twenty five minutes of lunch and the middle school students get about forty to forty five minutes.

After lunch, we go to our third period. During the third and last period, we also get a ten minute break. and then the last period, which I’m always ready to get out of the class. But sometimes when I am excited that it is the last class, it always seems to be long. After school, there is ASA (After School Activities), for middle school students, but I don’t think there is for high school. But some people, in high school, just stay for Waisal (I think it is a tournament for west African international schools) practice or just stay to like hang with there friends. Well that’s all for all for ISD’s weekly schedules.

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